European olives are flavorful, versatile, sophisticated and nutritious.

While European olives are strong and robust all on their own, their unique taste and texture can create more than just an impressive solo act.

Did you know that olives combine the four basic flavors (bitter, sweet, salty and acidic)? This characteristic is what makes table olives a product so versatile, ideal to combine with any type of ingredient.

The experience can be further enhanced when olives are pitted and stuffed. Perfect with peppers, anchovies, cheeses, almonds, tuna and more, the sky really is the limit for stuffed olives. So let your imagination run wild! With such a variety, table European olives are perfect for all kinds of flavors.

When spending quality time with family and friends, serve olives to make the moment even more special. A go-to snack in times of relaxation, celebration, happiness, leisure and recreation, no dinner table should do without these Mediterranean wonders.

Olives are accessible to everyone and are perfect for our modern lifestyle. Serve them on a whim for an unexpected guest, alongside your favorites at a family party, while watching the big game or just as a quick snack after the gym. With European olives, good times are even better.