Mexican tacos with olives

An unforgettable afternoon with friends? Better if it is with delicious tacos. Our version has chicken, black beans, cheese and, of course, Manzanilla olives.

Ingredients 4 people

Difficulty: low
Prep Time: 35 minutes

• Chicken

• ½ chicken breast

• 1/2 onion

• 1 carrot

• 1 leek

• 2 laurel leaves

• 2 parsley branches

• Water

• Salt

Tacos ingredients

• 1 cup Manzanilla pitted olives

• 4 corn tortillas for tacos

• 1 chopped red pepper

• 1 cup grated melted Manchego cheese

• 1 can of black beans

• 5 branches of coriander

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Salt


Step 1: Slice the Manzanilla olives and reserve some of them to decorate.

Step 2: In a pot put the chopped vegetables next to the chicken and other ingredients, add water, salt and cook for 25 minutes. Drain, let it cool and shred.

Step 3: In a frying pan sauté the peppers cut in small squares next to a splash of oil and salt to taste.

Step 4: Heat the tortillas in a pan or 30 seconds in the microwave. Fill tortillas with beans, shredded chicken, peppers, cheese, and chopped cilantro and sliced Manzanilla olives.

Step 5: Put the tacos on a table or tray.