Spanish paella with olives

The classic of the Spanish classics has meat, seafood, vegetables and, of course, olives. Ready to immerse yourself in the authentic taste of the Mediterranean?

Ingredients 4 people

Difficulty: high
Prep Time: 45 minutes

• 1 cup of olives stuffed with Pimiento

• 1 chicken drumstick and thigh chopped

• 1 small red pepper

• 1 cup of green beans

• 1 cup clean squid

• 2 cups of bomba rice

• 1 pinch of saffron

• 1 tsp. sweet paprika

• 1 tbsp. concentrate tomato

• 1 tomato

• 3 cups of fish broth

• 1 cup of prawns

• Extra virgin olive oil

• Salt


Step 1: Chop the pepper and beans in squares.

Step 2: Cut the squid into small squares and grate the tomato.  Set aside.

Step 3: Start browning the chicken with a splash of oil in our paella over high heat. When the skin is golden, remove it and set it aside.

Step 4: Now add the red pepper and the beans to the paella, brown a little and add the squid. When it is done introduce the rice and fry it until it is white. Add salt, saffron and paprika, then the concentrate and grated tomato and the chicken, fry for a couple of minutes.

Step 5: Bring the broth to a boil and add it, cook for 10 minutes over high heat without stirring and 8 minutes over medium heat. Take advantage of this second cooking step to put the prawns and olives. After this time remove it from the fire and cover with a cloth or aluminum foil for 5 minutes to cool down. Then plate.