Green olives pate

A smooth texture, an intense flavor and how easy is to prepare and enjoy it, make this Manzanilla olives pate the king of all snacks. In addition, the spicy and creamy touch of the cheese makes it more irresistible. In short, a delicatessen that you can enjoy spread on a slice of bread ... or to spoonfuls!.


• 150 gr pitted Mazanilla green olives

• 70 gr goat cheese

• 70 gr fresh cheese

• 1 garlic clove

• 5 gr olive oil

• thyme

• salt


Mince the 2 types of cheese and add the peeled and well chopped garlic clove, the thyme, oil and salt.

Blend until getting a cheese cream.

Chop the olives into small pieces and mix them with the cheese.

Keep it into the fridge until serving time.