Olives with pimiento tapenade

Relocate to the heart of the Mediterranean for a moment with this creamy tapenade of olives stuffed with pimiento. Ideal for an appetizer or a snack!

Ingredients 4 people

Difficulty: low
Prep Time: 15 minutes

• 1 cup of olives stuffed with Pimiento

• 1/3 cup of drained capers

• ¾ cups of anchovies

• 1/2 peeled garlic clove without germ

• 20 sprigs of chives

• Pinch of fine ground pepper

• Extra virgin olive oil

• 1 loaf of bread type baguette


Step 1: Chop the olives in small squares and reserve some whole and sliced to decorate. Also chop the chives finely.

Step 2: Chop the garlic, anchovies and capers in very small squares; mix with the chopped olives, a little chive, a good splash of extra virgin olive oil and some ground pepper.
Step 3: Freeze bread for 30 minutes so that it is hard when sliced into thin slices. Bake the toast for 12 min at 355º until golden brown.

Step 4: Put our olives in a bowl. Finish with chopped chives and some olives stuffed with pepper sliced and whole. Accompany it with toast.