Gourmet pincho

Put yourself in gourmet mode with this pincho of Queen olives, boletus and foie. The most select pincho for the most special occasions.

Ingredients (3 unit)

• Queen olives

• Bread toasties

• 4 Dried apricots (Orejones)

• 0,71 Oz. Boletus and mushrooms

• 1 loin of fresh foie

• 1 twig of thyme


Step 1: Chop the mushrooms, boletus and the dried apricots and sauté them. Save for later.

Step 2: Pass the foie on the iron and remove leftover fat.

Step 3: On the bread toast, set the chopped mushrooms, boletus and dried apricots, foie and olives in this order.

Step 4: To finish, decorate with thyme, and it is ready to taste!